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Once somebody presented me as a transformative coach. Indeed, I never intentionally put on such role, the continuing flow of inquiry and transformations is the way I see this world and shape my interaction with individuals, groups, organizations or complex systems. I’m curious to create transformative moments, which lead into self-discovery, mind-shift or crossing the threshold between the known and the unknown.


As a research practitioner and consultant in Social Economics, I try to rub out the line between structured and self-organized and to explore the living and powerful interplay between leadership, structures and culture. My main focus is around decentralized, bottom-up and network based forms of organizational or state system development.


The main practice, principle and philosophy grounding my work is Action Inquiry – continuous flow of action and reflection enacted simultaneously – the same as a tree prepares to the drought or a baby explores balancing to make new and more complex moves.


My own faith in Action Inquiry has come from a good fortune in meeting my friend and mentor Harvard Professor Bill Torbert, author of book “Action Inquiry. Timely and transformative leadership” and finding my way into the Action Inquiry Fellowship, a group of some forty men and women from all parts of the world who meet twice a year, not to talk about Action Inquiry, but to practice it.


Wide range of professional interests: integral theory, vertical development, action inquiry, applied autobiographical theatre, body psychoteraphy, authentic movement, mindfulness, anthropology, myths I carefully integrate to develop an authentic style and transformational quality of being.


I used to work on top leaderhip positions in very different sectors from banks to culture and children rights, co-founded several social enterprises in different countries, consulted number of companies toward transformational shift. All the cases, I was gifted to work with, polished the deepest meaning of my being – to serve the self discovery, joy and harmony of individuals.